Recommended Asset: Lava & Vulcano Environment

There is no infernal level without boiling lava and melting rocks. Demons and devils are known of their obsession of fire and heat! What can you do to give your baddies the unnatural warm of home?

You can use our simple lava texture, it's fine for project where lava is not in a center point. You can also make your own shader. However, let me show you an asset that can take you a long way.

This is the Lava & Vulcano Environment or L.V.E. 2019 if you prefer short names. Nature Manufacture (the creator) is a known name in the Unity Asset Store and have many great assets.

 Vulcano Environment


So why is this asset so great?

First, you can make lava rivers and lakes of any shape by just clicking on the scene a few times. Then you can adjust the shape as you need later.

Flowing or cascading lava is not a problem, and the asset comes with several rocks and cliffs. A whole bunch of settings, but the publisher smartly made a few presets to save time for the lazy ones like me.

Automatic rock heating and flow direction control is another great feature, and adds the final touch to the realism of your scene. 

How about the support?

The asset is more a tool than an art asset, therefore the responsiveness of the support is key. Fortunatelly Nature Manufacture is great in this. You can either send an message through their contact form, or directly in discord.



L.V.E. 2019 and Deadly Dungeon - Infernal

As always I tested the asset with our model package. I made a scene to make it sure they match well together. Watch the speed level design video I made to learn more about how to use these assets in Unity 2020 HDRP.



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